Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I got a little busy!

Oh, I had every intention of being such a good blogger!  I was going to write wonderful ideas and show you all the things I was up to on a regular basis....and then life happened!  Kurt and I have decided to put our house up for sale, so we have been busy painting, scrubbing, drywalling the basement, adding another bathroom and did I mention painting?!!  
I am EXHAUSTED!!  But it's all ready for showings and we can't wait to get the ball rolling! Here are just a few shots of the house, enjoy!!

The house was built in 1910 by I.N.R. Beatty.  He owned the first lumber store here in town and this was his starter home.  
The railings, trims, stained glass windows, front door and wood floors are all original to the house.  We had the floors restored about 5 years ago and didn't realize until they were refinished, how amazing the borders were.
Frames collected from Kane County Flea Market,  Light fixtures re-wired for plug in use, repainted and added gathered fabric to cover cord -  from Re-store/Habitat for humanity

I found the medallion on the ceiling at a garage sale.  It was originally white and it's made out of foam.  I painted it to match the finish on the original chandellier.  Most people assume it's quite heavy and made of tin.
The kitchen was remodeled in 2006 and Kurt built all the cabinets custom to the room.  I always wanted a small island, but never found anything that I liked.

 This was the original back staircase to the house.  When we moved in, it had been converted into a bathroom...well, I hesitate to say "bathroom", it was just a toilet in the weird!!!
We were going to turn it back into the staircase, but then decided we needed more storage for the kitchen, and created a pantry.
A picture of the mural I painted above the stove.

A lot of love and work went into this kitchen.  Kurt made the cabinets and I painted the finish, as well as adding the marble backsplash and painting the faux finish around the stove area.  The light fixture was another garage sale find and only cost me $5.00!!
Drawer pulls were found at Kane County Flea Market

This is the room off of the kitchen that has served as my studio for the past 11 years.  It has great lighting and wonderful views.  Plus, Kurt made me all these great built ins that are staying with the house.  I painted them with a crackle finish and sanded the edges a bit.  

The downstairs now has a real bathroom on the main floor, along with a sink!
Old lightfixture found at "Under His Wings" for $5.00 in Morris, IL.  It was originally gold and I painted it a soft white.
The vanity was originally a shiny gold paint and purchased at "HOBO" in Joliet, IL.  Just a little cream and white paint and it has a fresh new look!

The master bedroom with tons of storage!  We re-cut all the door and drawer fronts and put wavy glass in them. We completely gutted this room and started over, so yes, the trim moldings and crown are all new.

 The attic.  For years it was the play room, filled with American Girl dolls and Barbies.  Then it was converted to a teen hang out
 A spare bedroom that I covered in old book pages of poems.  It's really a fun process and doesn't take that long.  It's great for covering beat up walls!!

 Kayla's room.  It's sooooo much fun to wallpaper a ceiling!!! (sarcasm)

 The bathroom does have a shower and a tub, I just failed to get that in the shot!!

 The master bedroom again with a shot of the mural that I painted on the ceiling
It was a great house to raise a kid in, have Christmas parties, hang on the porch during parades and festivals, walk into town for a bite to eat, visit with neighbors....but it's time now for a new adventure, so if you are looking for a house in Morris, IL, come check ours out!!