Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How to make Flower Garlands

If you know me, then you know I LOVE the details!!  Here is a project that will make you look like an absolute pro for your next event.  It's the simplest of crafts, yet makes such a great impact when used for decorating a party or used in the background in a photo shoot.  The basis for this one, coffee filters!!  Yup, cheap ol coffee filters and few tea bags (if you want yours to have that soft cream color)

The basic supplies needed are:
Some ribbon (I make mine 10 feet long)
5 tea bags (will make about 10 or more garlands)
Glue gun
and of course, coffee filters!

Step 1: take 3 coffee filters and stack them up
Step 2: Fold them in half
Step 3: Fold over again into quarters
Step 4: Fold one last time

Step 5: You don't need to be perfect on this one, or even really draw the shape in.  I just wanted you to see how the tops should to be cut off.
Step 6: Showing what it looks like after the layers have been cut through.
Step 7: Take the layers and separate them.  You don't want to have the edges matched back perfectly.  Stack them back up together.
Step 8: Pinch the back together and staple it.

I use 12 full flowers for each garland....but of course you can make yours any size you like!


Kim Jongsma said...

Thanks for sharing. Do you think I could use food coloring to make blue flowers? Or maybe try RIT fabric coloring? Kiana's grad colors are blue and white. Might be cute to hang around for pops of color.

Jillian Haupt said...

What a great idea for graduation Kim! I think either one of those would work for dyes. I have also used different flavored teas, but they are very soft colors. I can't wait to see what you come up with!!!