Thursday, April 18, 2013

HEY (lightbulb above my head) I've got an IDEA!

I've been hunting around the thrift shops in town for something fun and unique to hang all the charm necklaces I have for sale.  It wasn't turning out to be any easy task because I thought I wanted something that was already made for jewelry....but everything was too short or too much work to make into a jewelry holder or just too boring.
Bummed that I didn't find that "unique piece", I decided to take one last look in my collection of treasures (or as Kurt would call it, my hoarding problem!) and low and behold...could I make this lamp work?!!!

It was kinda busted up anyway, so I stripped off the cheap plastic faux leather shade and spray painted the whole thing with my favorite chocolate metallic spray paint and voila, a neclace holder with TONS of room for every charm necklace that I had! 

 Simple, easy and it got the job done.

I like it so much, I may need one on my dresser now.  I could see all kinds of flower clips on it and I could hang bracelets and necklaces...maybe even a couple photos pinned on it.  Guess I'll be hunting for more lamps now!!! Shhhhh, don't tell Kurt!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Easy as 1...2...3!

It's another rainy day in Morris, so I thought I would pull out the paints and finish up a couple projects for the shop.I have several small pieces of furniture and such crammed into the remaining half of our garage and it's getting a little hard to pull the cars in anymore. I keep promising that I won't bring anything else home until I finish what I have, but I think Kurt is on to me Actually it's pretty embarrassing when the garage door goes up, so I pull in as quickly as possible!!!I found a pair of old ladders that needed a little cheering up.  The great thing about finding small pieces is that you can have them done in such a short amount of time.  
I started by giving each ladder a couple coats of paint.

Then I printed out the images of what I wanted to paint onto each of the pieces.
Next up, coloring the back of the image with a lead pencil (super fancy!!)

Then I trace over the image so that I have a guide as to where I want to paint

 Once the ladders had dried (with a little help from a blow dryer), I took a little fine grit sanding paper just to "rough" them up a bit.  They will end up getting knocked around when I travel with them from show to show, so why not help them adds character!
 And just about 3 hours later, 2 new pieces for the shop. The best part is that they work so well for displaying other items.

 I'm not even sure I want to part with them!!!
Happy treasure hunting today!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Finally, A MAN CAVE for Kurt!

The challenge:  turning a 12' X 24' garage addition into a workspace that doesn't feel like you are stuck out in the garage.
Oh and did I mention, on a budget?!  
After the installation of the insulation, drywall and wiring ($560.00), it was time to get started
 We have been shopping a ton at our local "Re-Store" in hopes of finding items that would work. One of the first treasures we stumbled upon were these old french doors that were $130.00 for the set.  We fell in love with them instantly and we're going to make them work, no matter what.
I'm so lucky to have Kurt, he can really turn any idea into reality!!
Since this will be where Kurt spends most of his time working, we are going for a more masculine feel. The ceiling is being painted Sharkskin (sounds scary and man-ly!!))
Kurt was pumped when he found the 9 recessed can lights at Re-Store for just $4.00 each.
The exterior door, another Re-Store purchase, was only $50.00. We had purchased a door exactly like it just a few months prior for our basement and it was over $200.00...grrrr!
 The crown molding was $32.00 and the 2 hanging lights were $30.00 each.
  The lights were from a Red Lobster restaurant. (Fitting for the Sharkskin ceiling, right?!!)

And here's Kurt, sealing the cement floor.  We decided to keep it simple with the flooring, since paint may spaltter here and there.  Plus, it keeps the expenses down.
Next up, the machines, furniture and DECORATING...the fun stuff!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Love/Hate Relationship

Does anyone else out there share my pain?  I'm not sure half the time if I love having my windows free from coverings, or if they should be draped in layers.  My ultimate fear is that once I have spent the money on yards of beautiful fabric and all the expensive hardware needed to make a proper curtain, that  it will just end up looking like a obnoxious prom gown that I will hate within a month or 2.   Not to mention, I will have to make it as well! 
I talk like this has happened before.....YES, it has!

 So I go through all the pros and cons:
PRO - I love letting the light in
CON - I hate letting the neighbors in on what I'm watching for my late night "guilty pleasure" television show.  Yes, I'm addicted to Project Runway and Dance Moms!
 PRO - I love the trim moldings and architecture around old windows, so I don't want to cover it up
CON - I don't love that anyone can see me changing in my bedroom!
PRO - Open windows allow me to watch the world around me, enjoy nature every once in awhile.
CON - Did I mention that our neighbors can see EVERY move we make?!!
 So I have basically settled for simple gathered curtains that hang from a tension rod in most of the private rooms.  I'm not sure they are my ultimate fave, but they serve their purpose and will get me by until I can find something that will suit my needs.
Anyone out there want to share their window solutions (or nightmares!)?