Thursday, April 18, 2013

HEY (lightbulb above my head) I've got an IDEA!

I've been hunting around the thrift shops in town for something fun and unique to hang all the charm necklaces I have for sale.  It wasn't turning out to be any easy task because I thought I wanted something that was already made for jewelry....but everything was too short or too much work to make into a jewelry holder or just too boring.
Bummed that I didn't find that "unique piece", I decided to take one last look in my collection of treasures (or as Kurt would call it, my hoarding problem!) and low and behold...could I make this lamp work?!!!

It was kinda busted up anyway, so I stripped off the cheap plastic faux leather shade and spray painted the whole thing with my favorite chocolate metallic spray paint and voila, a neclace holder with TONS of room for every charm necklace that I had! 

 Simple, easy and it got the job done.

I like it so much, I may need one on my dresser now.  I could see all kinds of flower clips on it and I could hang bracelets and necklaces...maybe even a couple photos pinned on it.  Guess I'll be hunting for more lamps now!!! Shhhhh, don't tell Kurt!


must love junk said...

Love your necklaces, and your new way of displaying them!! :)

Kelly said...

Now that's genius! I love that as a way to display necklaces. So inventive. You're going to have people asking if the display piece is for sale now!

Tricia said...

What a great solution :)

Anonymous said...
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