Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Easy as 1...2...3!

It's another rainy day in Morris, so I thought I would pull out the paints and finish up a couple projects for the shop.I have several small pieces of furniture and such crammed into the remaining half of our garage and it's getting a little hard to pull the cars in anymore. I keep promising that I won't bring anything else home until I finish what I have, but I think Kurt is on to me Actually it's pretty embarrassing when the garage door goes up, so I pull in as quickly as possible!!!I found a pair of old ladders that needed a little cheering up.  The great thing about finding small pieces is that you can have them done in such a short amount of time.  
I started by giving each ladder a couple coats of paint.

Then I printed out the images of what I wanted to paint onto each of the pieces.
Next up, coloring the back of the image with a lead pencil (super fancy!!)

Then I trace over the image so that I have a guide as to where I want to paint

 Once the ladders had dried (with a little help from a blow dryer), I took a little fine grit sanding paper just to "rough" them up a bit.  They will end up getting knocked around when I travel with them from show to show, so why not help them adds character!
 And just about 3 hours later, 2 new pieces for the shop. The best part is that they work so well for displaying other items.

 I'm not even sure I want to part with them!!!
Happy treasure hunting today!


Lorraine said...

Those are adorable! I can see them next to my chair stacked with books and magazines! I have a hard time parting with things...or at least even getting them to the shop....where sometimes they sit and I get to take them home again...but then I'm not happy they didn't sell....I need medication.....

Jillian Haupt said...

Lorraine...your comment made me laugh sooo hard! I'm pretty sure I need the same medication...and my husband would second that!!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Jillian,
Nice to meet you. Love your ladders. The graphics with the numbers are wonderful. I have painted lots of ladders but none with french labels yet. Thank you for the inspiration. Also for stopping by and your kind comment.
I enjoyed my visit and a new follower on bloglovin now too.
Happy Creating,
Celestina Marie

Kim Jongsma said...

I love everything you do! You are such an inspiration to me.I wish we lived closer so we could create together.